Companies Incorporated in India

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CIN / LLP PIN Company Name / Limited Liability Partnership Name RoC Status
U80902TN2021PTC145168 Bharath Gyan Indian Knowledge System Private Limited RoC-Chennai Active
U31506HR2021PTC096693 Heber Electrical Works Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U63030DL2021PTC384521 Kamotsu Logistics Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U70109KL2021PTC070139 Elayadath Builders Private Limited RoC-Ernakulam Active
U93020GJ2021PTC124560 Divine Aura Hair Cosmetic Private Limited RoC-Ahmedabad Active
U24299RJ2021PTC076193 Novosynch Technologies Private Limited RoC-Jaipur Active
U55109GJ2021PTC124559 Jioneext Services India Private Limited RoC-Ahmedabad Active
U92140MH2021PTC364990 Top Beats Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U72900MH2021PTC364989 Karnuk Design Consultancy Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U80302MH2021PTC364988 Wisekin Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U72900TG2021PTC153671 Paxtentechhub Private Limited RoC-Hyderabad Active
U01100HR2021PTC096692 Mandi Dabwali Kinnu Seva Kendra Producer Company Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U67110HR2021PTC096691 Amura Bhuti Finserv Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U60200OR2021PTC037145 S3 Transport Private Limited RoC-Cuttack Active
U15549BR2021PTC053247 Nutrivora Products Private Limited RoC-Patna Active
U72900DL2021PTC384520 Trigram Clothing Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U24290MH2021PTC364987 Rhugved Health Care Pharma Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U70109KA2021PTC150179 Chandrodaya Developers Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U01100KA2021PTC150178 Raitara Farmers Producer Company Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U85300OR2021NPL037144 Gramswaraj Economic Forum RoC-Cuttack Active
U72501MH2021PTC364986 Fly 11 Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U72900UP2021PTC149882 Gargi Infosystems Private Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U33112DL2021PTC384519 Ezik International Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U70109KA2021PTC150177 Evernest Properties Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U72900DL2021OPC384518 Cyflows Infosolutions opc Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U15400MP2021PTC056906 Mr Cashew Industry Private Limited RoC-Gwalior Active
U72200UP2021PTC149881 Mygrow Software Private Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U18100OR2021PTC037143 Kumud Garments Private Limited RoC-Cuttack Active
U72900TN2021PTC145167 Pitcraft Private Limited RoC-Chennai Active
U72900KA2021PTC150176 Ivserv Technologies Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U31909BR2021PTC053246 Jclb Electro Private Limited RoC-Patna Active
U74999GJ2021PTC124558 Executions Venture Private Limited RoC-Ahmedabad Active
U19129UP2021PTC149880 Donna Creations Private Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U51900CT2021PTC011909 Govinda Foodtec And Products Private Limited RoC-Chhattisgarh Active
U01400UP2021PTC149879 Suryasatya Producer Company Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U01100UP2021PTC149878 Rusa Organic Farmers Producer Company Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U74910TG2021PTC153670 Servicewala Manpower Private Limited RoC-Hyderabad Active
U74999AP2021OPC118993 Sathish Global Solutions opc Private Limited RoC-Vijayawada Active
U35999KA2021PTC150175 Qaxis Motors Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U01100RJ2021PTC076192 Siift Farmer Producer Company Limited RoC-Jaipur Active
U72900KA2021PTC150174 Aateam Emerging Technology Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U18209DL2021PTC384517 Heavenx Garment Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U45309JK2021PTC012590 Etcons Infratech Private Limited RoC-Jammu Active
U15400MH2021PTC364985 Anomaly Foods And Breweries Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active
U25209DL2021PTC384516 Narender Polyvinyl Private Limited RoC-Delhi Active
U93090BR2021OPC053245 Saundaryagram Beauty Mines opc Private Limited RoC-Patna Active
U80902TN2021PTC145166 Thai Kalam Folk Arts Private Limited RoC-Chennai Active
U18202UP2021PTC149877 Nauk India Private Limited RoC-Kanpur Active
U15490KA2021PTC150173 Ai Smart Agritech Private Limited RoC-Bangalore Active
U24299MH2021PTC364984 Opti India Pharma Private Limited RoC-Mumbai Active