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  • Avoid last minute hassle of arranging rent receipts
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Make sure end date is greater than start date

Genrate and Print Rent Receipts Pre Filled Templates at Myitronline | Create a Free Rent Receipts

Myitronline give Option to generate rent receipt printable online - Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly.

For claiming HRA exemptions it is mandatory to submit Rent Receipts to the employer.
This can be done in just 4 simple steps

  1. Generate rent receipt by filling in the required details

  2. Print the receipt

  3. Get the receipt stamped & signed by landlord

  4. Submit Rent Receipts to your employer

Rent Receipt Generator at Myitronline

Rent Receipt Template Format Sample

What is a rent receipt and why do we need them in HRA?

Rent receipt is an important document which is used as a proof of the rent paid to the landlord. It is a key instrument for tax saving and so should be collected and kept safely. Salaried employees need rent receipts to claim their House Rent Allowance (HRA).

How to generate rent receipts online at

For claiming HRA exemptions it is mandatory to submit Rent Receipts to the employer

This can be done in just 3 simple steps

  1. Enter Your Name and Email Address

  2. Enter monthly rent amount paid and house address

  3. Fill details of self and landlord like (Owner Name and House Owner's PAN no)

  4. Select Period for which you want to generate rent receipt
    (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

  5. Enter the Generate Rent Receipt button, Myitronline Email your Rent Receipt

What are the details required in rent receipt generate?

The following are the details which are required in the rent receipt:

  1. Tenant Name (If you are the tenant, fill in your name and Personal Email Address)

  2. Amount of monthly rent.

  3. Enter House address and Proceed to next button.

  4. House owner Name.

  5. House Owner's PAN no (optional).

  6. Date of Payment.

  7. Rental Period.

  8. Signature of Landlord or Manager.

Is it necessary to affix a revenue stamp on rent receipt?

A revenue stamp is required to be affixed on rent receipts if cash payment is more than Rs. 5000 per receipt. If rent is paid through cheque then revenue stamp is not required.

You can easily understand it from the given table

Mode of Payment Whether revenue stamp is required
Cash, upto 5000 per receipt No
Cash, more than 5000 per receipt Yes
Cheque No

FAQ Frequently asked questions about HRA or Rent Receipts

? Why do I want to get a receipt from my landlord?

our company wants a image of lease price to allow exemption on HRA. The corporation is required to acquire proofs from you earlier than permitting any exemptions & deductions. this is regularly your employer’s duty as per the tax act.

? Do I want a rent settlement with my landlord ?

Yes, you want a rent settlement with your landlord. This settlement ought to have small print of the lodging on lease, length of rent and rent. This report can also additionally have to be submitted to your employer.

? Is the PAN of the landlord required for claiming HRA?

PAN of landlord is required only if rent exceeds Rs.8333/- per month (Rs.100000/- annually). In case the landlord does not have PAN, declaration of the same is required. Download Declaration Form If the landlord does not provide his PAN, you can obtain the same from the below mentioned link. (know your PAN)

Declaration Regarding PAN at Myitronline

Declaration Form Template Sample

? Why does my business enterprise ask me to post hire receipt proofs ?

To enable you exemption on HRA, it is obligatory for the organization to collect proof of lease payment. The company will provide you exemption on HRA supported these lease receipts. Your closing liabilities are going to be calculated accordingly. Your TDS shall be adjusted so you don’t want to pay tax on HRA.

? Do I want a receipt for each month ?

Usually, employers want receipts for three months or so.

? Do I want the PAN quantity of my landlord ?

If the annual hire paid by means of you is extra than Rs 1,00,000, it is obligatory to gain PAN of the landlord and record it to the business enterprise to declare HRA exemption. In case the landlord does no longer have a PAN, you can ask for a announcement to this impact from the landlord with identify and tackle of the landlord. And hold it safely in your records.

? Do I want a scanned reproduction of my landlord’s PAN card ?

No, you don’t want to maintain a scanned reproduction of your landlord’s PAN.

? I used to be now not capable to declare HRA from my company. Can I declare it myself ?

Yes, HRA exemption are regularly without delay claimed in your tax return. you will use this calculator to searching for out out the exempt element of HRA. This exempt quantity has acquired to be decreased from your complete taxable salary. web quantity is proven as your ‘income from salary’ in your tax return.In case you declare HRA exemption without delay in your earnings tax return , you prefer to hold lease receipts and hire settlement safely in your records; simply in case the assessing officer asks for them later.

? I have modified jobs this year. Should I share my historical lease receipts with the new company ?

If your present day organization is permitting you HRA exemption from preceding job's income, you might also be required to put up your historic lease receipts. Do take into account to reveal your profits from your preceding employment to your modern business enterprise in Form 12B.

? My landlord is refusing to provide me a lease receipt. What can I do ?

In case your landlord does no longer furnish you a hire receipt you can also no longer be in a position to declare HRA exemption. Do agree with your landlord concerning lease receipts earlier than taking the lodging on rent.

? I was once in a apartment rental for phase of the year. Can I declare HRA ?

Yes, you can declare HRA exemption for the months you had been paying rent.

? Is there a closing date for submitting proofs (rent receipts) to my company ?

Since employers want to deduct and savings TDS timely, they commonly furnish a cut-off date by using which all tax proofs have to be submitted. By submitting your lease receipts and different proofs timely, you can make positive no greater TDS is deducted on your income. However, do now not fear if you pass over this deadline. You can declare HRA exemption immediately in your profits tax return.

? Do I want hard-copy of hire receipts or is a tender replica OK ?

Check with your enterprise about the structure in which you have to submit.