Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Myitronline Customer Satisfaction Guarantee When you use our services, you’re trusting us .

Myitronline Global Services Private Limited works to achieve the best result for the client, for a happy client is the main gain for this company. Simultaneously, our team wishes to be in good terms with all our clients and serve them in long run’s term. It is a fool’s claim to say it that ‘We Never Go Wrong’. We expect client’s feedback/advices/grievances/acknowledgement and appreciate it warmly. In case, there are some errors on our part that the client identifies or they have a better suggestion for us to share, please send an email to ‘GIVE EMAIL HERE’ immediately and we are open to discuss and give it the first consideration. On the other hand, we’ll be delighted if you complement us for our services. Your testimonial will be our asset and will be preserved.

Our Policies of Customer Satisfaction

We’ll be glad if you acknowledge us for our work and send us your testimonial. For that, please mail us in the ID: ‘GIVE EMAIL HERE’ and note that your testimonial may be published on our web portal along with your basic information only after you agree to let us do the same. We assure to publish only the message that you’ve mentioned/agreed to be published and no confidential information will be disclosed from our part in this process.

  • In case, you’re dissatisfied at any point while getting our service, shoot us a quick mail in the given ID: ‘GIVE EMAIL HERE’ giving your worries within Give Time and we’ll contact you as soon as possible in our normal business hours to resolve the issue.
  • Also, we expect clients to provide relevant valid documents to process the requested service correctly. Our team may interact with you for the same from time to time in our working hours and we expect you to be available or revert us back in this regards. In order to get easy processing advantage, client is expected to provide us all necessary information within time and cooperate with us for the same. Please read our Terms of Use policy to know more about our working process. Note that, based on the project’s requirement, a client may have to meet us personally in our office. Also, you may have to issue a document in order to process the service availed from us. Our team may provide you assistance subject to additional processing fees required for it. Else, you can arrange for the document on your behalf without any additional charge from our end.
  • Client can communicate with us any time in our working hours to know the project status in the contact channel as mentioned: Give Communication Mode Our team will be responding you to give all necessary information. Also, you may place your queries on any relevant matters that will be accordingly attended.
  • You can add a fresh project while one (more) project is running. Please note that we’ll treat multiple projects separately and not under a single package, unless our team comes to a conclusion to consider it interrelated based on Management decision. Your suggestion is always welcome and will be treated with full attention. Myitronline Global Services Private Limited reserves right in finalising the payment decision in such situation which will be informed to the client accordingly and considered to be final.
  • Also, under valid reason, you may proceed to cancel a running project. You are to place a Refund Request within the time period as mentioned in our Refund Policy page that is subject to verification from our Management team and Myitronline Global Services Private Limited reserves right to finalise the refund to be accepted or refused. In either of the cases, we’ll be informing the client and open to negotiate on it under relevant situation.
  • Please note that, any delay from the concerned Department in processing your service item is not our liability, but we do conduct regular follow up, wherever required to push its fast processing. Any refund with the reason of such delay will not be considered valid and may lead to cancellation of Refund Request. Please go through our Refund Policy to understand our policy better.
  • Please note that Myitronline Global Services Private Limited will not be responsible in case the service item is cancelled or face any legal issue as notified by the concerned Department, based on any incomplete or erroneous information provided from client’s end. Client will be notified under such situation and in case, the matter goes beyond the scope of our service terms, we may cancel the service request and under such situation, no refund will be considered.
  • Our service fees do not include fees that are charged by the concerned Department under relevant and valid reason, which the client has to pay in addition to our service charge. Client will be informed about it accordingly and the task will be processed only after client’s consent and payment. Myitronline Global Services Private Limited will not be responsible if the project gets delayed/cancelled due to non-response or defaulting from client’s side in clearing the payment. No refund is accepted in this situation.

We wish to give our clients a Happy Experience of taking our assistance and side-by-side wish them to understand our liabilities and policies for the best outcome they need. Note that, according to our service type, we may update this page on which our registered clients will be notified.

How to contact us

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