ESI Registration For Employers and Employees

ESI Registration helps an eligible employer to enrol its employees under the provisions of ESI health benefit facilities. This is India’s State-run employee health benefit scheme that may differ in its features from State to State. When you’re an eligible employer for ESI facilities, choose our 100% guaranteed and affordable ESI Registration Package to get your job done without any delay or risk. Go through its details and know how it works THE BEST.

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ESIC Registration in India – An Overview

ESI is a health and monetary benefit program called ‘Employee State Insurance’ managed by the Employee State Insurance Corporation, an autonomous body created by the law under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. A number of benefits are entitled to the low paid employees working in Business Units earning up to INR 15,000 per month. Its rule as per ESI Act 1948 says that, business units, such as, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, One-Person Company, Proprietorships, Partnerships and LLP's are to mandatorily register in this scheme, if they employ more than 10 employees. Some states allow 20 employees in the Unit for its eligibility.  Shops, Restaurants or Hotels only engaged in sales, Cinemas, Road Motor Transport Establishments, Newspaper Establishments and Private Educational Institutions come under the rule of this law. Main terms followed under ESI are as:

  • It is a health insurance and self-financing social security scheme including medical benefits, disablement benefits, maternity benefits, sickness benefits, free supply of physical aids, funeral expenses to the employees and their family.
  • Business Units are to apply for ESI Registration within 15 days after the Establishment/Factory comes under the periphery of ESI Act 1948.
  • 4% of employee’s salary should be contributed by employer and 1% of the monthly salary by the employee to be taken for ESI purpose, excepting for those employees earning INR 100 per day.
  • This registration is a one-time process followed by ESIC monthly payment and ESIC biannual return in a Financial Year.

Benefits of ESIC Registration

  • Covers Medical and Sickness (70% of salary, in case of certified illness that has lasted up to 91 days) Benefits
  • Maternity benefits for the pregnant women with paid leaves
  • After-Death benefit of up to 90% of the deceased employee’s salary, who died during his/her service period, per month to the dependent family member. Same applicable in the case of employee’s disability during service period.
  • Allowance of funeral expenses
  • Old age medical care expenses
  • Concession in ESI dispensaries and hospitals on Medical Care

Documentation for ESIC Registration

Documents that Employers should submit

  • License issued under Shops and Establishment Acts or Factories Acts or Registration Certificate
  • MOA and AOA/TRUST DEED/PARTNERSHIP DEED according to applicant entity
  • Business Address Proof (indicating the capacity of the Business Space, if needed)
  • Photocopy of Latest Building Tax or Property Tax Receipt
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of Bank Statement
  • Employment Position, Salary, etc. as recorded month wise
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Commencement of Production and Registration Number of CST/ST or GST
  • Evidence establishing the Date of Commencement of Production/Business/First Sale, like a copy of 1st Invoice

Documents that Employees should submit

  • Family Members’ Photographs and their personal details

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Procedure for ESI Registration

STEP-1) Provide Information for Application

You’re to provide us the information and documents required for ESI Registration. We’ll interact with you (where needed) and confirm about the relevance/correctness of your documents so that no hazards are faced afterwards. Then, we’ll be preparing your ESI Registration Application for submission in the relevant Regional Office.

STEP-2) Application Submission and Verification

Your ESI Application will be filed in Employer’s Registration Form (Form-1) based on the information that you’ve provided us and we’ll be giving you update about its status. Concerned Department will be making verification of your Application before issuing the ESI Code and other Official Credentials.

Note: Form 3 (Return of Declaration) should be mandatorily filed along with Form 1.

STEP-3) Issuance of ESI Credentials

Once the concerned Department is satisfied with the verification result, a 17-Digit Unique Identity Number will be issued to your Business Unit.  Employees of your Unit can enroll in the ESI by submitting Form-1 along with family member details and their photographs during joining formality in your unit.  


Now, your registration is complete and it is valid lifelong, although you, as a Business Unit have to update on the details of Employee Record, whenever required.

Employee Registration in ESI

Once, ESI Applications of the employees of your Business Unit are verified and confirmed, they will be receiving Insurance Number and Temporary Identity Card for medical benefit for him/her and for his/her family members in 3 months’ duration. After that, Permanent Photo ID Card will be issued for them, which can be used even after the change their employer.  

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