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Guide - Online Free Company Search, Company Name Check, Status on MCA Search

What is MCA

MCA stands for Ministry of Corporate Affairs and is a government portal that contains all the details related to the incorporation companies of India along with the Limited Liability partnership type companies. An individual can check every detail about the company such as the date of incorporation type of the company, charges of the company, company registration status number, directors of the company, etc from the website. The balance sheets, other informative documents, and the annual returns are also available on the website for appropriate fees.

How to Check Company Registration Status on MCA Master Data

Any details related to the registered commodity or to be a registered entity (Private Limited Company, OPC, or Limited Company) for which the name approval application has been applied. You can easily access it through mca Master Database. Once, you successfully access the mca master data search page, then you can initiate a search by entering the complete or partial name of an entity in the search box to check company registration. The results are displayed if the search query matches entities. The user can choose the right commodity/entity for which information is instructed. If there are no entities found like the search query, then the query shows “No matches found” on the screen. The following is related information to the registered business in India, which can be found from the mca Master Data mca- CIN (Corporate Identification Number) Name of Company ROC Registration Number ROC Information Company Sub-Category (Indian non-governmental Company/Indian Government Company) Category of a Company (Public Company/Private Company) Authorized Capital of the Company Company Category (Company limited by shares/ Company limited by guarantee/ Unlimited Company). Address Email Paid-up Capital of the Company Date of Incorporation Listing Status Date of Last Annual General Meeting Date of the Balance Sheet Company Status

What Must a stakeholder Check?

A stakeholder must check the below-mentioned details. There are three most essential things while checking for company registration. These 3 are as follows- Check the Prohibited name for your Proposed Company Stakeholders are required to ensure that a submitted name of your company does not contain any word as prohibited under Section 4(2) and (3) of the Companies Act. Check Trademark for Proposed Company Name We advise stakeholders to read & understand Rule no.8 of the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014 in consideration of the suggested name before involving in the same. Inspect Domain Name of Proposed Company We advise all the stakeholders to check the trademark search once to confirm that the proposed name of the company is out of the breach of provisions under Section 4(2) of the Companies Act.

Steps to Check Company Registration Status

You can check the status of company registration within a few minutes with the following steps- Firstly, Visit the MCA website, go to the section “services” option in the drop-down menu and click on “View” Limited Liability Partnership/company. Secondly, you need to type the starting letter of Company Name in – Company/LLP Name (Enter at least three characters for (Company/LLP Name) and click the Search button. Later, a list of Company Names will be displayed to you with the submitted letters. Select the preferred company/Copy the CIN. If you already know the CIN then fill in CIN to the column- Company CIN/FCRN/LLPIN Enter the company CIN. Enter the captcha code. Click on submit.

What are the charges for a registered Company?

The registered companies have to pay interest fees or that a lender or creditor obtains the company's property by way of security that the company will pay back the debt. The charge fee on the company is usually increased when the Company/LLP company raises a high bank loan or financial assistance from financial institutions. Thus, this functionality of the MCA website can be utilized to check whether a company has increased any loans from a bank or financial institution or not. The search will show the below-mentioned charges information related to the company: Date of Charge Creation or Modification Charge Amount Charge Holder Address of Charge Holder

Signatory Details- Checking Directors of the Company

The signatory details can be used to find the directors of the company with the functionality of the MCA website. Use the signatory information in order to check the Directors of the Company or Partners of an LLP. The below-mentioned details related to the Directors of the Company/Partners of Limited Liability Partnerships are available online- DIN Number Details Name of the Directors or Partners Address of the Directors or Partners Designation Date of Appointment Digital Signature Status

Steps for Downloading Incorporation Certificate From MCA

If you want to download the incorporation certificate from the MCA site and you do not know how to do that then do not worry. We have mentioned below the steps for downloading the incorporation certificate from the mca site- In the beginning, go to the mca website and Log in to the ‘Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal’ (MCA) with your user ID and password. Then you will be redirected onto the next page, there you have to select the option “Get Certified Copies” in the ‘MCA Services’ tab. Later type the CIN or company name for which you need the certified copies and choose the company details. Then, select the document for which a certified copy is needed and the year in which the same was filed. it is always advised to verify all the documents via public inspection and then proceed. later determine the number of range, pages, and copies required as authorized. The compulsory fee paid by you will be displayed on the screen along with the stamp duty charges. After that click on the “Add to cart option” option. After this, you will be competent to add more documents for which you need certified copies. Make sure to add attachments individually as choosing the form alone will not imply that the attachments will also be certified. The request for getting certified copies of your attached documents must be made separately. Once you have selected the documents for certifies copies, click on the option ‘View Payment details. Click on ‘Make a payment. And make a payment through your preferred mode of payment such as credit card, debit card, NEFT, or internet banking.

Checking Company Name Availability

Since many businesses are getting an online identity, it has been competitive enough to find a name for your company in India. It is very essential to check the available name which is neither used nor claimed by any other business and firm. Now no more worries, the mca has introduced an easy and quick way to check the name availability whether it exists or not. This enables you to find a name that will not be rejected while applying for the incorporation. It is far better than earlier as we had to submit a new application form and reapply till you do not find an available name. It is recommended to have a unique name and identity for any organization.

Frequently asked questions

Master data is defined as a data container of the registered companies/ LLP that is available to view by the general public.

Firstly, you have to go to the mca website. Go to the service section and fill out the CIN of the company. Then pay online and verify the documents in the tab of “My Documents” on the mca website.

The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a twenty-one (21) digit alpha-numeric code that is given to companies for being registered by the Registrar of Companies (ROCs). The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is the unique identification number of a company and must be entered in all the forms required to be filed by the company on the MCA portal.

ROC stands for the Registrar of Companies and is an office under the MCA, that deals with the administration of companies in India. The Registrar of Companies is operating in all the major states/union territories. The Registrar of Companies (ROCs) registers companies across the states and the union territories to maintain a registry of records regarding the companies that are registered with them and enable access to this information for the general public on payment of a fee.

DIN stands for Director Identification Number and is a unique identification number issued to the person appointed as a director of a company. You can acquire it by providing the SPICe form at the time of incorporation of the company.

The easy and simple proforma for incorporating a company electronically or SPICe+ incorporates a company with a single application for: The reservation of name; Application for allotment of DIN; Incorporation of a new company; and Allotment of PAN and TAN.

DSC means Digital Signature Certificate. A DSC can be obtained from a certifying agency that has been recognized by the government. The registration process is now online so all the forms need a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

No. You need to have a DSC to file a SPICe+ (INC – 32) form, however, for accessing the RUN and filing you do not require a DSC.,

RUN is described as a Reservation of name or is a web service. RUN is utilized to reserve a name for a new company or to change the name of any existing company. The name of the company needs to be reserved in the SPICe+ form from the 23rd of February 2020, RUN (Reservation of name) service is also used to change the name of the company.

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