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Income Tax Notice

The Income Tax Department delivers these notices for various reasons such as not filing the income tax returns, any fault, documents missing while filing the returns, or other instances where the tax department demands any other documents or information.

Income Tax Notice

The Income Tax Department delivers these notices for various reasons such as not filing the income tax returns, any fault, documents missing while filing the returns, or other instances where the tax department demands any other documents or information. There are various types of notices where a taxpayer might be frightened or alarmed about the notice that is received. But the taxpayer has to first understand the nature of the notice, and the requestor's order in the notice, and take steps to comply. Myitronline offers a complete package of services for families and businesses to help them in maintaining compliance. If you receive an income tax notice make sure to get in touch with us. The tax experts of myitronline will understand the income tax notice and determine a well-detailed action. Let us try to get an idea of different types of notices or intimations sent by the I-T Department.

Types of Income Tax Notices

The taxpayers receive various types of notices to the taxpayers based on the cause of the notices. These notices are expressed below– Notice under section 143(1) - Intimation - This is the most commonly received income tax notice. This income tax notice is sent regarding the issues of the errors/ faulty claims/ inconsistencies in a filed income tax return. An individual can revise the returns after acquiring this notice within 15 days. The tax returns will be processed after making the essential modifications noted in the 143(1) tax notice. Notice under 142(1) - Inquiry - This notice is served when an assessing officer (AO) finds that there is more modification/clarification needed regarding a particular detail during the assessment, they are likely to send this notice under Section 142(1) of the income tax act. Notice under section 139(1) - Defective Return - Making mistakes are a common thing that everyone does therefore notice under section 139(1) is served when a taxpayer makes any mistake like filing the necessary details In such cases, your return is considered as a ‘defective return’ and the income tax department will issue a notice of defective return as per Section 139(9) to cross-check the errors. If the mistakes are not modified on time, these mistakes can lead to unpleasant repercussions. Notice under section 143(2) - Scrutiny - When the income tax department finds discrepancies, minor or major, in your income tax returns, a notice will be issued under Section 143(2). The distinctions can be under-reporting income or over-reporting failures. This notice is issued by the IT department to ensure that you do have not an underpaid tax. Notice under section 156 - Demand Notice - The notice under Section 156 is the notice of demand allocated by the Income Tax Department when any tax, interest, penalty, or any other sum is payable in the significance of any order passed. The section 156 tax notice of demand will prescribe the sum which is payable. Notice Under Section 245 - If the assessing officer finds any reason that tax has not been paid for the last years and he wants to set off the current year's refund against that demand, a notice under section 245 can be allocated. However, the modifications of demand and refund can be done only when the taxpayer has been furnished with appropriate notice and an opportunity to be attended. It is advised you respond to the notice within 30 days from the day of receipt of the notice. If you do not reply to this within the scribed time, then the assessing officer (AO) can consider this as consent and move with the assessment. That’s, it is essential to respond to the notice as soon as possible.

Relevant Documents to reply to Income Tax Notice

The basic documents are as follows to reply to an income tax notice would be: TDS certificates, Form 16 (Part A) The Income Tax Notice copy Income source evidence such as (Part B) of Form-16, Salary receipts, etc Investment Proof if they are applicable However, it is recommended to cross-check the notice from the Tax experts only. Thus, when you the uploaded Income-tax notice copy, the tax experts will review the same and come up with the best probable solution. You can contact us at in case you have any queries.

Frequently asked questions

There are two ways to check your tax notice. Firstly, you can check notices received through the online income tax portal. However, you can not check certain notice status through the portal, for all notices enquiries, you can also visit Income Tax Department and ask your query there. Second way If any notice has been issued by the income tax department, then it will be dispatched to your documented address by post.

In this case, there can be distinct types of results based on the type of notice that you would have to bear. Such consequences can attract a fine of up to Rs. 10,000 as well as also one year of imprisonment.

Yes, if it has a reason to do so income tax department can issue notices for existing account transactions as well.

In the income tax act, this is the tax amount that is ultimate to be paid or overlooked while paying of tax.

Visit the tax filing website and then download the Income tax return form under the defined assessment year. Then the select response from the given options to a notice under section 139(9) where the original return filed was a defective return. Fill the acknowledgement and reference number and fill the form with rectifications.

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