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Your Tax Credit Statement or Form 26AS is an important tax filing document. Gone are the days when a person had to download the Form 26AS in person to complete your IT Returns. Now, you can directly import Form 26AS information, while completing Income Tax Returns.

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1. What is Form 26AS?

Includes tax information on taxpayers' income Tax information collected by collectors Tax payable taxpayer Self-assessment tax payments Standard test tax applied by taxpayers (PAN owners) Details of the refund received by you during the financial year Details of Valuation in respect of stocks, mutual funds etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 26AS form for income tax?


Form 26AS is a statement that provides details of any deducted amount such as TDS or TCS to various taxpayer revenue sources. The withholding tax is then levied on the government by the taxpayer. It also shows the details of the previous tax / self-assessment tax and the value-added activities included by the taxpayer.

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