How to Download and Send ITR-V Acknowledgement To CPC

Entering income tax refunds has been simplified, thanks to the online mode. Now, you can file your returns online from your home or office. There is also a place to paste your digital signature into your taxpayer to complete the filling. Once you have attached your digital signature to the return, your filling process will be completed. However, if you have not attached your digital signature to your income tax return, there is one step you must take. You will need to complete the income tax verification process after which your tax return will be completed. Let's understand what this process is all about -

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1. What is verification?

Verification means proving the authenticity of your tax returns. After you submit your income tax online and do not attach your digital signature to your refund, your income tax department will need to verify the accuracy of your refund. To do so, the department submits an ITR Form V representing ‘Income Tax Return - Verification’. You need to complete this form and send it to the tax department for confirmation after which your tax return process will be completed.

2. What is ITR Form V?

ITR Form V is a one-page document submitted to the revenue department when forms are filed without a digital signature. You need to sign this document and send it to the Central Processing Center of the Bangalore tax department.

3. How to get ITR Form V

ITR Form V is usually sent to the revenue department directly into your email id. You will then need to print the form, sign it and submit it to the Bangalore Central Processing Center.

If, however, you do not receive an email from the department, you can download the form online. To download, the following steps must be taken -

  • Visit the official website of the revenue department
  • Log in to your account
  • In your dashboard, select 'View Returns / Forms'. There you can see a record of your refunds lodged with the Revenue Department
  • There you can get the acknowledgment number for your latest refund. Click on that number and the ITR-V will download.
  • Once the form has been downloaded, you will need to provide a password to open the document. The password will be your PAN card number and your birthday in the format DD / MM / YYYY.

4. Submission of the ITR –V to CPC Bangalore

You can sign the ITR-V, put it in an envelope and mail it to the Central Processing Center of the Bangalore tax department. Income Tax Department Address - CPC, Post Box No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore-560500, Karnataka.

5. Verification with EVC Mode

The ITR –V form can also be verified using EVC mode. In EVC mode, the code is generated and verification is done in any of the following ways -

  • Your email id and mobile number
  • Aadhar Card
  • ATM
  • Total banking services
  • Bank account details
  • Demat Account

Submission of form to CPC Bangalore v / s EVC verification

Although both methods include tax return verification, they differ from one another in a number of ways. These features include the following -

Submission to CPC Bangalore EVC verification
This is a realistic way to ensure income tax returns This is an online way to ensure income tax returns
It takes time for the email to reach the Bangalore office after which the verification process is completed This is done instantly through a code
A lawsuit was filed by posting a post office in Bangalore This verification method is free and easy.

6. Important things to know about ITR-V when submitting to CPC Bangalore

Here are the important facts you should know about completing, signing and submitting ITR-V -

  • When sending an ITR-V envelope, each envelope must contain only one ITR-V type for one taxpayer
  • The ITR-V form must be signed and submitted within 120 days of completing your income tax returns
  • If the ITR-V form is not completed within 120 days of completing the refund and if it is not submitted by submission to CPC or EVC mode, you will receive a departmental income notification
  • The form should be printed in black and should be easy to read
  • You must submit your signature to the form in blue ink The form contains the barcode and the number below it. The barcode and numbers must be clearly visible. You must not sign on it
  • The use of a stapler should be avoided and the form should not be wrapped
  • The form must be submitted in an A4-size white envelope
  • The form must be submitted by express mail or by regular mail and should not be posted.

7. Important things to know about ITR-V when verifying through EVC

When confirming a refund with EVC code, the following should be kept in mind -

  • Verification should be done using only one mode
  • Verification code is for one-time use
  • If you verify with a mobile phone number or email id, the number or id must be registered with the Income Tax Department

Therefore, find out what the ITR-V form is, how to complete it and why it is needed and complete your income tax return by submitting an ITR-V to the revenue department.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a duplicate Form ITR –V?


Yes, you can. If you lose the ITR-V Form submitted by the Revenue Department, you can visit the Department of Revenue website, log in to your account and download another copy of the form. Even if you have downloaded this form before, you can download it again if you lose the original copy.


Can I send a Xerox copy of Form ITR-V?


No, an original copy of the form, containing your original signature, must be submitted.


What is the due date for submitting ITR-V for verification?


You receive up to 120 days from the date of completing your forms to submit Form ITR-V.


What happens when the form is not submitted within the given time?


If you fail to submit an ITR-V within 120 days of completing your income tax return, your refund will not be valid and will not be processed by the tax department. You may also receive a tax notification for non-submission of ITR-V Form.


Which documents should be submitted along with ITR-V?


You do not need to send any text other than ITR-V


Is it possible to verify the income tax return without submitting Form ITR-V?


Yes, income tax return can be guaranteed without Form ITR-V. Verification can be done using online mode with your email id, phone number, Pan Card, Aadhar card, etc.


I forgot my Acknowledgement Number, from where I can get it?


You can find your 15-letter acknowledgment number in ITR V.

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