All businesses, regardless of the business structure held onto statutory compliance and complete all the vital filings before the due dates. For all business transactions, there are some essential compliances that a business owner must fulfill as a moral duty. These compliances are timely framed and must be completed within the prescribed time by the Government. 


So here we are with the prepared tax and compliance calendar for the due dates falling in January 2023 GST return filing, and income tax filing falling in January 2023.


Due dates for the GST Returns in January Month of 2023


Forms To Be Filed

Due Dates

Who Should File?


11 Jan-2023

Taxpayers holding a turnover of more than Rs. 5 Cr. or opted to file monthly return


10 Jan-2023

GSTR-7 return is required to be filed by the persons who need to deduct TDS under GST


10 Jan-2023

GSTR-8 return should be filed by the e-commerce operators who need to deduct (Tax collected at source) TCS under GST


24 Jan-2023

GSTR-3B is to be filed for north India


22 Jan-2023

This is to be filed for south India


20 Jan-2023

Monthly filing of GSTR-3B, whose turnover surpasses Rs. 5 Cr.

GSTR 5 & 5A

20 Jan-2023

Non-Resident Taxpayers and ODIAR services provider


13 Jan-2023

Input Service Distributors


Important due dates for the Income Tax Compliance/PF/ESI in January 2023


Form to be filed 

Due Dates

Who should file?

TDS Deposit 

7 Jan 2023

Tax deducted for December 2022 is due on this date. However, all sums deducted by a government office must be paid to the credit of the Central Government on the same day without the production of an Income-tax Challan.

Quarterly deposit of TDS

7 Jan 2023

When the (A. O.) has allowed quarterly deposits of tax deducted at the source under sections 192, 194A, 194D, or 194H, the due date for deposit of (TDS) for Oct-22 to Dec-2022 is Oct-2022

Section 194 – IA

14 Jan 2023

The TDS certificate for tax deducted/collected under Section 194-IA must be provided on November 22.

Section 194 – IB

14 Jan 2023

The TDS Certificate for tax deducted under (In the month of November 2022) Section 194-IB must be allocated

Section 194M

14 Jan 2023

The TDS certificate for tax deducted/collected under section 194M must be provided in the month of November-22.

Form 24G 

15 Jan 2023

Due date for the submission of Form 24G by Government office where TCS/TDS for December-2022 without the production of a challan

TCS quarterly 

15 Jan 2023

Report of TCS quarterly for the ending quarter 31st of December 2022

Form 15CC

15 Jan 2023 

Quarterly statement on foreign remittances (to be furnished by permitted dealers) in Form No. 15CC for the fiscal ending December 31, 2022

Form 15G / 15H

15 Jan 2023

Form 15G/15H declarations obtained during the quarter ending December 2022 must be furnished by this date

PF Payment 

15 Jan 2023

Provident fund payment for December 2022

ESI Payment 

15 Jan 2023 

Employee state insurance payment for December month-2022

TCS certificate 

30 Jan 2023

Quarterly TCS (tax collected at the source ) certificate for the the month December 31 ending 2022

Form 3CEAC

31 Jan 2023

Intimation in Form No. 3CEAC under Section 286(1) by a resident constituent commodity of an international group (with non-resident parent)

TDS Statement

31 Jan 2023

Report of TDS quarterly for the quarter ending for the month of 31st of December-2022


 We advise you to be pre-prepared and complete all your required filings before the time and due dates end.

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