Myitronline PPF Calculator Online for India in 2021

Myitronline PPF Calculator, Post Office, ICICI PPF Investments current PPF Rate is 7.1%, 1 April 2020. Lock-in 15 Years Calculate how much your PPF contribution would grow using this Myitronline PFF Calculator.

Myitronline PPF Calculator
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PPF vs Mutual Funds

The minimum investment amount is Rs 500 and the maximum Rs 1,50,000. Although PPF offers guaranteed benefits, it is not recommended that you invest the full amount in this. This investment comes with a 15-year prison term.

Instrument Returns Total Corpus Annualised %
PPF ₹66,58,288 7.1%
ELSS Mutual Funds ₹1,12,89,940 11.25%
Tax Saving FD 70% ₹4,29,952 5.3%

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