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Myitronline PPF Calculator Online for India in 2021

Myitronline PPF Calculator, Post Office, ICICI PPF Investments current PPF Rate is 7.1%, 1 April 2020. Lock-in 15 Years Calculate how much your PPF contribution would grow using this Myitronline PFF Calculator.

What is PPF Calculator?

PPF Calculator – Public Provident Fund Calculator Online
The first step towards asset management is to accumulate savings. You will find many options for savings accounts; however, look at those that guarantee a great harmless return. PPF accounts are one of the most common entry-level images. PPF account means a Public Fund account and is intended to invest your valuables.
If you are a new employee or a trusted parent who wants to save for the future, PPF is right for you. Calculating interest rates and repaying your PPF account becomes more difficult. To make these complex calculations easier, the PPF calculator can be used.
Handling math may not be a piece of cake for all of us. If you are planning to invest in PPF and are not sure how much you will invest or how much you will earn by investing, our PPF calculator is here for you.
Once you have decided how much you can invest regularly, the calculator looks at the 15-year period and the interest rate that has been calculated to calculate the return.

Basic Rules for PPF Calculation

There are some important rules that you need to remember as well. They are as follows:

  • The maximum amount you can invest per year is Rs. 1.5 lakh every year.
  • The minimum you can invest in a PPF account is Rs. 500 annually.
  • Interest consolidation takes place once a year at the end of each financial year.
  • The maturity of the PPF account is 15 years and the income is tax-free in full.
  • The PPF standard is responsible for quarterly changes according to an announcement made by the Department of Finance.

Benefits of PPF

  • The risk of PPF investment is low as it is supported by the government.
  • A PPF account can be opened at national banks, public banks, the police and selected private banks, all of which are widely available.
  • Although menstrual locks are 15 years of PPF, there are provisions for you to withdraw money or take out a loan after 7 years. Refunds from PPF are more attractive compared to bank FDs.
  • The PPF fee is less than the EEE (exempt-exempt-exempt) category. That is, the principal who has invested, the interest earned and the proceeds from maturity are all taxable. Prices deposited into the PPF account of a spouse or child are also tax-free.

Frequently asked questions

A Public Fund Account or PPF Account is a government-funded savings program that offers stable and consistent benefits, long-term investment opportunities and tax benefits. It is a safe investment that can be used for long-term needs such as higher education for children or your retirement corpus.

    This financial tool allows a person to resolve their questions related to a Public Fund account. There are certain details that must be followed when calculating the amount of maturity after a certain point in time. It keeps track of the growth of your capital. Those who already have a PPF savings account know that interest rates change every month.
    Nowadays, it is easy to keep a check on changing interest rates. However, with the availability of a public fund calculator, account holders find it easier to get monthly interest rates made with interest. In the market, you can find many easy-to-use PPF calculators and by choosing reliable, MyitrOnline is just the way it is.

    Formula used for calculating PPF

    MyitrOnline uses a formula to calculate the amount entered, interest, etc. This formula is provided below -
    F = P [({(1 + i) ^ n} -1) / i] This formula represents the following variables –

  • I Rate of interest
  • F Maturity of PPF
  • N Total number of years
  • P Annual instalments

The interest rate on the PPF is announced by the government on a quarterly basis. It is linked to government security values ​​and relevant changes. Interest on PPF is calculated based on your balance in your account before the 5th of the month. So, make your money before the fifth day of the month to get the biggest profit. Any deposit made thereafter will not earn interest in that particular month. Currently, the PPF ratio is 7.1% for the quarter of July to September 2020.

    Results provided by PPF's online calculator include a table showing key details for current and current PPF subscribers who need to know:

  • Open Balance: This is a PPF account balance at the beginning of the year.
  • Deposit Amount: This is the balance of the PPF account at the end of the year after further deposits have been made during the year.
  • Earned Interest: This is calculated based on the balance of the account at the end of the year. The balance in the PPF account is accumulated annually.
  • Closing Balance: This is calculated by adding the interest earned from this year to the opening balance and annual fixed amount.
    • Loan (Max.): Loans in PPF are available from the end of the third year onwards until the end of the sixth year calculated from the date of account opening. The maximum loan amount is equal to 25% of the opening PPF account for the previous year. After the completion of the sixth year from the date of the opening of the PPF account, no loan can be selected but a partial withdrawal can be made. The high value of the table loan is based on the assumption that no loan was taken in the past year.

      Withdrawal (Max.): Minor withdrawal from PPF account is allowed after completion of 6 years e.g. beginning of seventh year onwards. The maximum withdrawal rate is below the following:

    • 50% of the account balance at the end of last year is calculated from the year in which the cash is made.
    • 50% of the balance of the account at the end of the 4th year preceding the year in which the withdrawal was selected.
    • Withdrawal rates (Max.)Provided by the PPF online calculator are based on the assumption that no withdrawals / loans have been taken by the account holder in the past year.


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