Catholic Syrian Bank Limited IFSC Code Select Your Branch!

Catholic Syrian Bank Limited is an Private Sector Bank Headquater based in Thrissur, India and operating as a Private Sector Bank since 1921 and (450) Branch all over India.

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  • Showing 1 - 1 to 250 of 250 Bank Branches

IFSC and MICR Codes - Select Your Bank Branches

IFSC code is allotted by the Federal Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to all or any banks and its branches. The IFSC code of a bank are often commonly found on a checking account passbook, cheque leaf issued by the bank or on the RBI website. Any quite fund transfer through a bank requires a Valid IFSC Code. the various sorts of fund transfers are NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.

How to find IFSC Code?

  1. IFSC code can be found on cheque leaf and bank passbook of the respective bank.
  2. Banks and respective branch list of IFSC codes can be obtained from Reserve Bank of India’s website.
  3. The IFSC code of a particular bank can also be found on the banks’ official website.

Format of IFSC Code

The 11 alphanumeric code of IFSC is structured during a pattern where the primary four characters representing the name of the bank, while the last six characters represent the branch of the bank. The fifth character is usually 0 (zero) reserved for future utilisation. The format of IFSC is as below.
Have a look at the below mentioned example of IFSC Code.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bank Code 0 Branch Code

Where to find IFSC Code & MICR Code on a cheque?

MICR Code on Cheque

Both the IFSC and MICR Code are often found on the cheque book provided by the bank. The IFSC Code are often seen printed on the highest of the cheque leaf, while the MICR Code are often seen printed on rock bottom side. Also, the IFSC also because the MICR Code also can be found on the primary page of the pass book provided by the respective bank branch.